Hemp Bombs Review: Detailed [Is It Really ‘The Bomb?’]

This is a Guest Post by Jeremiah Rodriguez.

It’s likely that you’re on this page now because you’re looking for a comprehensive Hemp Bombs review to determine if it’s the right CBD brand for you.

Well, today’s your lucky day because my review will help you decide if this brand is for you.

First things first, I’m Jeremiah Rodriguez, 25-years-old, and I’m an athlete.

Back in college, my team did not win the regional title for soccer because I, the star player, tore my MCL at a practice game. I didn’t require any surgery, but the healing process took about six months.

As an active person and unable to move properly for several months, I became depressed. Depression is serious, and when it starts to eat you up, you lose motivation to become better.

This was the time I got to know about pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate sourced from hemp. I became so interested in all of the products that I decided to familiarize myself more with CBD.

This was also the time I learned about Hemp Bombs.

My Opinion of Hemp Bombs as a Brand

If there’s a company that exhausts all their efforts to make a strong presence, I will undoubtedly say it’s Hemp Bombs.

If you check their social media accounts, you will notice how much time and effort they put into it to attract clients.

With regards to their website, everything about their products is posted. They are particular with transparency, which I also like about them.

But, what’s important is how effective their products are.

Does it really help manage pain and ease anxiety?

After using the CBD oil for 20 days, I noticed that I felt well-rested. I woke up with more excitement. I became productive, and I realized my anxiety level was low.

My being depressed started to go away slowly, and my old self-began to come back.

Hemp Bombs: Who Are They?

Compared to other companies, they are relatively new to the online selling of CBD. But, this shouldn’t discourage you.

Even if they haven’t been around for a long time, they’re still gaining popularity for the products they’re selling.

Hemp Bombs is a manufacturer of various CBD products that is based in Tampa, Florida. They assume full control of the sourcing and manufacturing of all of their products. They import their raw hemp from a premium and organic-certified hemp supplier.

The company has significant distributor relationships so they can spread their brand all throughout the US. They have an active presence in smoke shops, novelty shops, and convenience stores.

Ingredients Used

Their CBD products are derived from CBD isolate. They won’t make their products full spectrum, as they want to be legal in all US states.

The company cannot guarantee their customers that their products are entirely non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, or organic.

However, their CBD is derived from organic and superior quality hemp grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

This doesn’t mean though that all products are purely organic. Some of their products, such as the CBD capsules and CBD gummies, contain gelatin sourced from animal-based components, which means that they’re not vegan.

Extraction Process

For the company to be able to make pure CBD extract at a premium quality, they go directly to the source. Their CBD extract is sourced from top-quality industrial hemp that is non-GMO, certified organic, and grown with viable techniques.

The company utilizes the “CO2 extraction” for their CBD which is widely known as the most efficient as well as the cleanest method.

Is Hemp Bombs Legal in the US?

Yes, they are a 100 percent federally legal.

All products are 99 percent pure CBD isolates and don’t contain any THC. They have their products analyzed routinely by an independent laboratory to confirm that all their products don’t have THC.

The products are legal in all states and aren’t covered under the CSA or the Controlled Substance Act.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Their products are Europe-based. This means they need to follow EU practices that are quite strict, which is why they submit their products to a third-party lab testing.

If you check their website, you’ll find a link on each product that will lead you to the test each item went through. For instance, you will see that the 300mg CBD oil has 10.13mg of CBD/ml.

Learn more about their third-party lab testing here.

Drug Testing

All products from Hemp Bombs have CBD isolate, which means they only provide the purest form of cannabidiol. They don’t contain THC, which is the component that causes the person to get “high.”

This means that you’ll be fine if you undergo a drug test. You will not test positive.

The company is confident as they’ve verified their products with a third-party lab. Since all products are free from THC, they’re legal in all US states.

Shipping and Return Policy

The company’s ordering process online is genuinely convenient. They accept most major credit cards, and they waive the shipping fee for orders over $75 made within the United States.

It doesn’t matter what state you’re from. As long as you’re inside the country, you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Coupon Codes

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Contact Details


* Live Agent Available:

  • 9:00am — 5:00pm M-F
  • 9:00am — 2:00pm Sat-Sun

Customer Service Department:


My Experience with Hemp Bombs

CBD Capsules

How to consume:

Taking CBD capsules is probably the most convenient way of taking CBD. All you have to do is pop it into your mouth and wash it down with water or any liquid of your liking.


The great thing about CBD capsules is that they are tasteless. This is why I prefer them.

Anyway, I followed their recommendations and started with two capsules each serving. That is equivalent to 30mg. One capsule is 15mg.

They do offer capsules that have high potency, which is around 25mg per capsule.

Since they make me calm and improve my sleep, I take them during night time before I hit the bed. It’s beneficial for me since I often have trouble sleeping at night.


  • 5 Count CBD Capsules: $14.99
  • 15 Count CBD Capsules: $34.99
  • 30 Count CBD Capsules: $59.99
  • 60 Count CBD Capsules: $99.99
  • 60 Count CBD Capsules HP (High-potency): $139.99


The suggested dosage is one to two capsules each day to experience relief from insomnia, pain, anxiety, inflammation, etc.

CBD Gummies

How to consume:

Simply eat them as you please.


If you’re fond of candies, I highly recommend that you try these.

While CBD gummies are not as potent compared to CBD oil and isolates, it is still effective in helping me manage my stress and anxiety.


  • 5 Count CBD Gummies: $14.99
  • 5 Count CBD Sleep Gummies: $14.99
  • 5 Count High Potency CBD Gummies: $19.99
  • 15 Count CBD Gummies: $34.99
  • 30 Count CBD Gummies: $59.99
  • 60 Count CBD Gummies: $99.99
  • 60 Count CBD Gummies HP (High-potency): $139.99


The company recommends that you begin with the regular-strength products, and then upgrade to a high-potency if you need a stronger dose.

You can find the suggested doses and other important instructions on the product label.

CBD E-Liquid

How to consume:

CBD E-liquids are made with food-based ingredients and are safe to intake. However, even if it’s safe to intake orally, it’s highly suggested that you don’t.

They are primarily intended to be consumed with the use of vaporizing devices, such as e-cigarettes.


Hemp Bombs offer a variety of flavors for their E-liquid additives. I tried the Roasted Colombian Coffee, and it was delicious.

Other flavors available are Sweet Mango Seduction, Exotic Watermelon Kush, Wild Blueberry Jam, Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Crisp Honeydew Melon, and Arctic Spearmint Blast.

The advantage of using CBD E-liquid is you can try out different flavors. That way, you’ll never get bored, and you can look forward to trying out other flavors.

They’re highly potent, and they’re very effective in managing stress and anxiety, as well as pain control.

Their VG/PG formula is designed to create ample clouds. You can select your potency level, from 75mg/16.5ml to 4000mg/120ml.

It won’t make you high since it’s not psychoactive. It did help with my back pain, and it also made me calm. Many also reported that it helped with their skin problems, such as acne and psoriasis.


  • 75mg CBD 16.5ml E-liquid: $14.99
  • 75mg CBD 16.5ml E-liquid Additive: $14.99
  • 250mg CBD 16.5ml E-liquid: $39.99
  • 250mg CBD 16.5ml E-liquid Additive: $39.99
  • 125mg CBD Vape Tank Cartridge: $29.99
  • 300mg CBD Oil: $49.99


The recommended doses range from 10 to 25 milligrams for starters.

CBD Syrup

How to consume:

Since it has a fruity taste, you can drink it on its own.

If you love experimenting, you can mix it with other drinks.

You can blend it and turn it into a smoothie. Just add the recommended dose along with your usual smoothie ingredients, and you’re good to go.


I consumed it without pairing it up with anything. I liked the flavor, and if you have a sweet tooth, you should also try this out.

If you want to customize your dosing, you’d like the syrup form. You can choose from 100mg, 300mg, or 1000mg.

It helped me to calm down and enjoy a good night sleep.


  • 100mg CBD Relaxation Syrup: $19.99
  • 300mg CBD Relaxation Syrup: $49.99
  • 1000mg CBD Relaxation Syrup: $99.99


If you haven’t tried CBD syrup before, you should start with a small dose, between 5 to 10 milligrams. You can slowly increase your dosage once you have an idea of how it affects you.


How to consume:

The most effective way for pain relief is through the sublingual method. You simply put a drop of oil under your tongue. After a minute or so, swallow.


If you prefer for the effects to last longer, you can mix it with your favorite drink.

For me, I preferred to have lasting effects, so I mixed it with my tea. I didn’t experience the results right away, but when I did, they were stronger compared to consuming it sublingually.

They have two different flavors available, juicy watermelon and refreshing peppermint. I tried the peppermint, and it indeed was refreshing!

The various potency available range from 300mg to 4000mg per bottle.

I felt awesome after using CBD oil. My chronic back pains were manageable, and I didn’t have to keep repositioning myself to alleviate the pain.


  • 300mg CBD Oil: $49.99
  • 600mg CBD Oil: $74.99
  • 1000mg CBD Oil: $99.99
  • 2000mg CBD Oil: $169.99
  • 4000mg CBD Oil: $299.99


If you are new to consuming CBD oil or tincture, the suggested dose is between one to two drops, unless directed otherwise. You must discuss with your physician about CBD if you are taking other medications.

However, here are their suggestive doses for CBD oil.

CBD Topical

How to consume:

You can apply CBD topical or CBD Pain Freeze to targeted areas, and use it to massage your muscles. Be careful not to get it into your eyes.


Before applying the CBD topical, I exfoliated my skin to prevent any adverse reactions. It helped with my MCL tear. It helped me relax, and I was able to sleep better.


  • 1oz CBD Pain Rub: $14.99
  • 40z CBD Pain Rub: $39.99


Apply a thin layer first and see how it works with you. Gradually use more if you think it’s necessary. You can apply it on your body up to four times each day.

CBD Lube or CBD Pleasure Gel

How to consume:

Place the desired amount of gel on your palm and spread it in your intimate areas. It can be used on the skin, condoms, and toys.


It’s a bit thicker but other than that, everything’s great. It did provide relaxing effects. However, it doesn’t taste good, which isn’t an issue.


  • 2oz CBD Pleasure Gel: $19.99
  • 2oz CBD Pleasure Gel 3-Pack: $49.99


It fully depends on you. Simply apply the desired amount to your targeted areas.

CBD Beard Oil

How to consume:

It should only be used topically. Massage the CBD Bear Oil on your beard right after you shower. You can use it to fashion your beard and control loose hair.

You can also use it to relieve redness and itching from trimming or shaving your beard.


The CBD Beard Oil is made from various natural oils, such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. It reduced the itchy feeling I felt after shaving, and I noticed my beard looked healthy.


  • CBD Beard Oil: $14.99
  • CBD Beard Balm: $14.99
  • CBD Beard Bundle: $24.99


If it’s your first time, apply a thin layer on your desired area, and see how it goes. If you’re not satisfied with the effects, then slowly increase the amount.

Reviews by Their Users and Reddit

My Final Thoughts: Will i buy Hemp Bombs Again?

Even when I got better, it was still awkward for me to move around, which made my anxiety worse.

Based on my experience, I’m 100 percent certain that Hemp Bombs products are of high-quality. Not only that, their customer service is better compared to other companies.

By the way, if you plan to purchase from them, don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletters. They often offer discounts to subscribers, which is another reason why I love buying from them.

If I have to give them a score, I would say nine out of ten!

Hopefully, my Hemp Bombs review encourages you to try their products out, too.

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