Fab CBD Review: Here’s why i recommend it!

If you’ve been reading about cannabidiol, chances are people have recommended Fab CBD.

But, the question is:

is Fab CBD as fabulous as people claim to be?

You be the judge for that, but you may like what I tell you about my experience with their products.

Hi! My name is John. I am 45 years old and a father to three children. Like any other teenager, I used to play basketball with my peers.

I enjoyed the game immensely, but I suffered an accident while playing that caused my shoulder to dislocate.

Despite recovering from the injury, my life never became normal again. The shoulder pain kept popping up from time to time.

Also, my shoulder injury caused me to lose my basketball career, and I could no longer play the game without having to suffer from extreme pain. So, I became a recluse and lost my confidence.

As I grew old, I developed social anxiety as I have not achieved a lot in life. Even worse, I suffered from depression for some time. I wanted to get rid of it, but it was not easy.

It even reached a point where I kept worrying about what other people would say about me. I also didn’t want to answer the phone.

So, I searched for ways to help me with my social problem. I did my research and also asked some friends for help.

A few of them recommended that I take paroxetine and sertraline to help me with my social anxiety. However, I had to stop my medications because of the side effects.

Again, I spent time researching online, because I didn’t want to be like this for the rest of my life as I am getting old day by day now.

Found out about CBD oils from Healthline.com and I started searching for CBD oils. Found a lot of brands and I started testing a few…

…But now I am trying different Brands on a montly basis.

Let’s just talk about Fab CBD for now:

Here’s what you should know about the brand — plus, why I think you should give it a try as well!

About Fab CBD:

I discovered that Fab CBD is a legit company based in Tampa, Florida.

The company is now one of the industry leaders when it comes to customer service, price, and product quality. More importantly, its products undergo rigorous laboratory testing. The products are tested by Proverdge labs in batches and they are then shipped to us.

You might be thinking…

How do I know this:

They have an Awesome Facebook group, where the owner updates every 3–4 hours and really care for the buyers and the community.

Do you know what I like more about this company? Fab CBD owners are quite family oriented!

You see, Fab CBD started as a family endeavor in search of better medication alternatives for their loved ones — specifically their mom and grandmother.

It aims to become a pioneer in preventative healthcare lifestyle through premium supplementation, innovation, and science.

The company grew to redefine the healing and health marketplace. Plus, the team behind the company helps people to be at their highest element in performance, looks, and feelings.

Through science and clinical studies, the company aims to become the best of the best in the industry.

Ingredients Used in Their Products:

They produce full spectrum CBD oils. Which means they use the whole hemp plant, which means more Cannabinoids Power.

They have 150–1200mg CBD in it(depending on the tincture you buy), 0.2% THC and Carrier Oils.

Extraction Process:

Fab CBD ensures its products are safe for use by everyone. It uses carbon dioxide to extract the essence of hemp. The process uses pressure on carbon dioxide to turn the gas into a liquid.

Then, it utilizes this liquid carbon dioxide as a safe and inert liquid solvent in extracting the useful molecules from industrial hemp.

Their CBD oil is from agricultural hemp that is rich in cannabidiol but has low THC level. The company ensures that its oils have less than 0.2% THC.

Industrial hemp and medical marijuana come from the same plant, but industrial hemp or hemp stalk contains low THC levels; thus, it is legal.

If you want to buy hemp CBD, you do not need any medical card or prescription because it is a natural strain of high CBD hemp with low THC level.

You can buy CBD oil in all 50 US states because it is non-psychoactive. Sometimes they can ban it though.

Furthermore, it is also legal in many countries, as long it has low or untraceable THC concentrations.

Is FAB CBD Legal in the US?

Short answer: YES!

CBD is a miracle compound with transformational benefits for various debilitating ailments.

Yet, even if CBD has a proven record of accomplishment, many people still cannot fully comprehend its legality. I know about this because I did not understand legal issues at first.

CBD does not come from marijuana. It comes from agricultural hemp, which differs in application, cultivation, and function from marijuana. Cannabis is illegal in the US.

However, it is legal to import hemp from other countries. Marijuana is illegal because of its psychoactive effects on the user. Hemp and hemp-related products have no such side effect.

Cannabidiol is legal in all US states, but only if it is from hemp. Most people do not realize this, so they tend to have a negative stigma on anything that has to do with CBD.

Industrial hemp is the main ingredient in manufacturing products, like textiles, papers, etc. The 2014 Farm Act authorized the growing of hemp in mass production.

Due to the great debate about the legality of buying CBD, it is essential that you know where you buy your cannabidiol. As of now, FDA has not yet considered it as a drug.

You must purchase your CBD products from legitimate companies, like Fab CBD, to ensure that what you are taking is safe and potent.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Another thing that I like about Fab CBD is that its products undergo 3rd-party laboratory testing. So, you’re sure to get quality, tested products!

It collaborates with Massachusetts-based ProVerde Laboratories to ensure that what you are getting is legitimate and unadulterated CBD oil.

If you check the product labels, you will see that they have the right amount of cannabidiol.

ProVerde Laboratories uses top technologies to provide the most reliable test results. Furthermore, it analyzes the products for pesticide content and terpenes profile.

I can’t stress this enough — you have an assurance that you are consuming only the highest quality CBD oil in the market if you purchase any of the products from Fab.

Drug Testing

Fab CBD products are from industrial hemp; thus, there are only traces of THC. If you take any of their products, you will not experience any psychoactive effect.

It’s CBD Chew are THC free. Although CBD is legal, it may still show up in drug testing.

Thus, the company cannot guarantee negative results, especially when it comes to drug screening. Its products contain about 0.03% THC.

Just a reminder, drug testing varies, and if you will undergo it, the company suggests that you refrain from using its products.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping takes four to seven working days. For international orders, it can take a longer time.

Moreover, some unexpected delays, beyond the control of the company, can delay the delivery of your orders. As for me, I got my orders within four days.

In case, you are not satisfied with its products (which I hope not!), you can request a refund within 30 days.

Also, here’s a heads up! When you pay for your purchase, the bank will be charging a foreign transaction fee for payment processing.

You may ask why. It is because, at present, the company has no US bank account to accept payment. No bank is willing to take payments for all CBD and cannabis companies.

They do, however, have an offshore bank in the United Kingdom that will accept your payments.

For any concerns, contact its customer service through the following:

Email address: support@fabcbd.com

Facebook chat: facebook.com/fabcbd

They take calls from Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 7 PM EST.

Coupon Codes:

ALLCBD15 to get 15% discount, ALLCBD10 to get 10% discount

Experience with Fab CBD Products:

CBD Oil Drops

How to Consume

It’s really easy to consume. You just have to put a few drops under your tongue till it is absorbed by your body and you can just swallow the rest.

You can even use its natural-flavored CBD oil drops for your pets! Just add CBD to their food.


The natural flavor will taste funny(just like earth) so you can try other flavors to mask the taste.

Also, it comes in various flavors like natural, mint, and citrus. The oil drops provide a relaxing aroma and taste because they use all-natural flavoring.

Dosage and Price

Choose the potency of your CBD oil. The company offers:

• 150mg — $39

• 300mg — $59

• 600mg — $79

• 1,200mg — $129

My Experience

If you are a new user, my advice is to start with a low dose, then increase it in time. This oil, however, is not for vaping. I am currently using the mint-flavored 600mg variety.

I chose the 600mg potency because I wanted to get the maximum effect. I plan to try the other flavors next time. When I started using CBD oil, I also began with the lowest dose.

The oil drops are potent and effective for their price. I compared this CBD oil’s worth with the other hemp oils on the market, and I found it reasonably priced.

I use it every day to manage my anxiety attacks. I just put about 15 drops under my tongue and wait for a few minutes before swallowing.

At most, it takes 30 minutes before it takes effect, but as soon as the waiting time is over, I feel stress-free and calm.

For me, I love the oil drops because it does not make me feel drowsy. I have read some user complaints about the other tincture brands.

Most of them say that their brands make them feel sleepy and sluggish throughout the day. Well, I do not experience them with Fab CBD.

Moreover, I am at my usual energetic self during the day, and I have a restful sleep during the night.

I also attain optimum health because the oil drops manage my anxiety, and I am thankful for the relief.

CBD Muscle & Joint Topical

How to Consume

You can just apply the cream to the areas which are in pain. Yup, that’s it. Your skin just absorbs it and CBD starts working.

Its CBD-rich hemp oil from Colorado boasts of silky smooth texture and blood orange scent.

Ease of use:

Moreover, you get the best results from it because it focuses on your trouble areas. If you have aching muscles or joints, you need to apply the cream to the affected area.


When you apply it to the problematic areas, the CBD chemicals stimulate your brain to ease the pain-transmitting signals.

In effect, CBD tells your mind to stop the transmitters from emitting pain signals. For quick relief of body pain, you need to use the topical cream.

Dosage and Price

The muscle and joint topical cream work even upon initial application. It comes in a 600 mg container, and it retails at $64.


I am using this topical cream for my shoulder pain, and I find it easy to apply because of its creamy and smooth texture.

As soon as I applied the cream on my injured shoulder, I began experiencing relief because the product was fast absorbent. My muscles and joints started to relax in just a few minutes.

Even my wife used this for her aching thighs post workout — and she loved the instant painkilling effect.

I find the topical highly effective because it can address my shoulder pain efficiently.

As I have said, you can take CBD oil by mouth, but for muscle and joint aches, you need to try the CBD topical for fast-acting relief.

Cannabidiol in topical solutions acts immediately on the affected area; thus, it works faster to bring focused relief.

I only need to wait for a few minutes for it to take effect, whereas CBD products ingested orally needs a maximum of two hours for it to take effect.

Moreover, the muscle and joint topical cream have antioxidants, so it protects my skin from smoke, environmental pollutants, and UV radiation.

So, aside from healing me from my pain, it also protects my skin from damage.

Vegan Chews

How to Consume

If you have a sweet tooth and want to satisfy your craving, you can pop one of the chews for a much-deserved treat.

You can bring it to your office so you can have one as a snack. The CBD Chews is also perfect as a recovery treat after your workout.

why you should consider chews:

The chews can be your fun, and tasty CBD treat. It is vegan, organic, and non-GMO, so you have an assurance that they are safe to consume.

Furthermore, they are environment-friendly and 100% THC free. You can have them as candy treats or as a health supplement.

If you feel nauseous after eating something, you can take one of these CBD Chews.


I find the chews delightful, and it gives me a quick sugar fix whenever I need one. Whenever I feel stressed or worried, I pop one into my mouth. Voila! Instant stress relief!

I must admit I was not into the CBD gummies. I found satisfaction in using the oil drops and muscle and joint topical cream, but I do pop a gummy from time to time.

I love its fruity flavor and feel instant relaxation as soon as I chew one.

Fab CBD Reviews by Their Users and Reddit:

Verdict: Would I buy FAB CBD Again?

Though Fab CBD is a new player in the CBD market, I chose to trust it.

I bought their products because I have been continuously searching for something that will alleviate my shoulder pain and ease my social anxiety attacks.

Fortunately, it delivered on its promises.

I am ecstatic nowadays because I finally found the products that can help alleviate my shoulder pain and social anxiety.

I tried different products in the past, but it was when I tried the various products from this company that I felt complete relief from my pain and social anxiety.

I genuinely recommend the Fab CBD products for their potency and reasonable price.

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