CBDpure Review: One of the Most Underrated CBD Oils Today

Guest post by Jason Murr

I would be reviewing CBDpure for my Friend’s Blog and Will convey everything with the best Knowledge I have.

My name is Jason by the way. I have osteoarthritis that at times, causes excruciating pain. When the ache on my right foot becomes so bad, I have to shuffle along just to get from one place to another.

You probably think that this condition naturally comes with old age, but the thing is, I am only 38 years old.

I have had my foot X-rayed, and it was indeed an overworked tendon. I wasn’t involved in any major accident, but the doctor said it most probably runs in the family.

For pain relief, I used to take the common household acetaminophen, but we all know this would cause more problems in the long run. So, I started to search for alternative medications, and I came across CBD oils.

I am glad that I eventually got to try CBDPure. Having osteoarthritis is bad enough, but experiencing it at a relatively young age is even worse.

CBDPure helped me cope with my situation, and made me less upset about my condition.

Now, I would like to get the word out on how this brand can potentially help you as it helped me.

My Opinion of CBDPure as a Brand

Naturally, my CBD oil journey started with research. I would suggest that yours should too, in case you have yet to try your first CBD product.

I’ve noticed that there are now a lot of CBD oil brands on the market today. I mean, I wasn’t entirely oblivious to the fact that cannabidiol is now quickly gaining recognition, but I wasn’t expecting the number of brands I encountered.

I first tried out some of the more popular ones. Of course, I won’t mention any names, since my less-than-impressive experience with them will not be true for everyone.

They actually worked fine for me, but I wasn’t delighted. Besides, they were a bit too pricey for my taste.

Then I discovered CBDPure. It took a while for me try it out because as I’ve said, you don’t frequently read a CBDPure review online.

What I immediately liked about this brand is that it doesn’t give me the feeling that it’s trying way too hard to promote its products. Perhaps, they want the quality of their products to speak for themselves.

If you have the chance to visit their website, you will notice that it is quite simple yet informative. You will see how transparency and quality is a priority for the company.

Other things that also caught my attention were the 100% satisfaction guarantee/

Plus, the great news — you can return your order within 90 days of buying their products if you are not happy with your experience with them! They will willingly refund your payment.

This speaks a lot because it shows how the brand is confident in the quality of their products.

It was indeed a selling point for me. With the lack of regulation in the CBD oil industry business today, I would certainly go for a reputable company.

As for transparency, the company offers certified lab reports, tests for batches, and lot numbers upon request.

The affiliate program offers the chance for interested people to join their program, and let them monetize their CBD site.

One thing that CBDPure needs to work on in the future though is their shipping policy. I saw that they do not presently ship to Louisiana (LA), Kansas (KS), Indiana (IN), and Arkansas (AR).

About CBDPure

The company is based in Vancouver, Washington, with a branch office in the U.K.

As with any trustworthy CBD oil company, CBDPure sources its organic hemp from licensed farms in Colorado. Every industrial hemp batch undergoes testing and certification by a third-party laboratory.

The CBD oil itself contains terpenes, cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids. However, all these compounds comply with U.S. federal law.

Their products are available in full spectrum form and come in bottles with various concentrations of 100 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg.

As of April 2018, the company has included a 750 mg CBD SoftGel capsule product.

Full Spectrum

CBDPure offers full spectrum CBD oil. From the studies I’ve read, this kind surpasses the performance that CBD-only solutions provide.

High-quality full spectrum CBD oil is arguably the best for chronic pain and social anxiety. This is because the hemp oil is considered pure, and all the cannabinoids are still present.

These cannabinoids work together to produce therapeutic effects that CBDs are known for.

Ingredients Used in Process

CBDPure declares that it only uses hemp that is absolutely free from artificial or synthetic ingredients. The organic hemp is grown in Colorado, and are meticulously tested for quality standards.

Extraction Process

CBDPure utilizes cold press extraction processes. This ensures that the natural value of their hemp is retained and free from any chemical.

Are CBDPure Products Legal in the U.S.A.?

CBDPure promises that they do not sell products that violate the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA). Although their products do have THC content, it is below 0.3%, making them legal in all 50 states.

Just a friendly reminder, always consult with your physician before using CBD.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

This is where CBDPure shines.

The company is proud of the high standards it upholds when it comes to quality. It has a rigorous testing program that pledges to offer only the best hemp oil.

The official website is transparent in revealing the results of third-party testing for:

  • Terpene analysis
  • Pesticide testing
  • Cannabinoid Profiling
  • Microbiological Screening
  • Residual Solvent Testing

For more information regarding this, head over to the company’s website where you will find the Certificate of Analysis from SC Laboratories.

Drug Testing

CBD is supposed to remain undetected in urine or saliva tests. CBDPure guarantees that they are compliant with current regulations about THC content.

I haven’t personally had any drug test done after I tried their products. In this regard, I can’t say with certainty that a positive result will not emerge from a drug test.

I’ve been informed that there are drug tests today that detect the presence of CBD too, and not only THC.

To be safe, keep in mind that consuming any CBD product presents the risk of having a positive drug test result.

Shipping and Return Policy

As I’ve mentioned, CBDPure ships to all US states, except for Louisiana, Kansas, Indiana, and Arkansas. They also do not ship internationally.

It never occurred to me to return my order, but it is great to know that they have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Coupon Codes

15% Coupon Code: 15PERCENT

My Experience With CBDPure’s Products

CBDPure Softgels 750

How to consume

Just introduced in April 2018, CBDPure Softgels 750 only need to be swallowed. You get the benefits of a 25 mg of CBD packed in an easy-to-swallow soft gel.


Some CBD users hate the taste of hemp oil. Well, I am not one of them, but I still wanted to try this product since it was more convenient to consume than my regular CBD oil.

Obviously, the softgels were made for those who have trouble consuming other CBD oil forms for one reason or another. This is a good move for the company since they get to cater to more people’s needs.

Every bottle of CBDPure Softgels 750 contains 30 softgels. Each capsule is quite potent, containing more CBD than the Hemp Oil 600.

However, I found that I still had to take more of the capsules compared to the oil that I consume sublingually. I also noticed that the effects take longer to set in.

I stumbled around the information that the bioavailability of a capsule is only about 6 to 15%. Sublingual’s is about 35%, so there is really quite a difference.

Bioavailability refers to the rate and degree at which something is absorbed into our bloodstream.

When we swallow the capsule, it still has to pass through the digestive system. The CBD will then be absorbed through the gut lining, which lessens the potency of the compound.

Someone told me that it is best to take the capsules on an empty stomach to hasten the onset of the effects. I try to practice this as much as possible.

The CBD Pure SoftGel 750 gets the job done but to a lesser degree. I think I will still stick to my preferred CBDPure oil form for now.

Price per mg

Each CBD Pure SoftGel capsule has 25 mg of hemp extract. A 30-count bottle is currently sold at $99.99.

This makes it about 7.5 mg per $1.


CBD Pure SoftGel 750 is considered a dietary supplement, and adults are advised to take one softgel daily or as needed.

CBDPure Hemp Oil 100

How to Consume

The CBDPure bottle comes with a dropper, and it is recommended that you place the oil under your tongue. Try to hold the oil sublingually for up to 60 seconds for best results.

You may also add this to your food or drink if you find it hard to consume sublingually.


I didn’t get to try the CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100 because as I’ve said, I already tried other CBD brands before. I thought this has a lower dosage compared to what I’m used to.

If you are starting out with CBD, I believe this is an excellent place to start. There is only 3.3 mg of hemp extract contained in each serving.

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100 is good for people suffering from mild headaches, inflammation, minor chronic pain, and light to moderate nausea.

On the company website, it also says that this is meant for those who want a general boost of health and well-being.

Price per mg

This is the most affordable out of all CBDPure products at $29.99 per bottle. Then again, this has the least amount of CBD that you will get for $1.

The 60-mL bottle contains 60 doses at 3.3 mg per dose. This is about 6.6 mg per $1.


As recommended by the manufacturer, adults should place about half a dropper of the oil under their tongue for 60 seconds. Do this twice daily, or as needed.

CBDPure Hemp Oil 300

How to Consume

Again, you can put this under your tongue for 60 seconds, or you can mix it in food or drinks.


This is the one that I started out with, and it did wonders for me. Each serving contains 10 mg of CBD, and this is just right for my needs.

Sometimes, when the pain is unusually severe, I up my dosage for better relief. I also do this when I have trouble sleeping.

CBDPure suggests that you take this concentration if you are looking for an all-around supplement.

Shipping is always fast. It takes about two days for my order to reach me.

Since this is what I’ve been using nowadays, I’ve been ordering six months’ supply of CBDPure oil for a considerable discount.

The first time I tried CBDPure Hemp Oil 300, I think I started to feel its effect after about 20 to 30 minutes. After a few more minutes passed, I felt my pain gradually vanish.

Even though relief didn’t come instantly, I felt comforted when it did. Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a CBD product that provided me with instant relief.

I especially like it when I take this before going to bed, and right after experiencing pain in my foot. I sleep so much better, making me feel well-rested in the morning.

I just have to share that I like the golden color of CBDPure hemp oil. I found out this is one proof that excellent CO2 extraction methods were used.

As for the taste, I would say there is nothing particularly unique about it. It’s just your typical hemp plant taste that’s neither unpleasant nor pleasant.

Price per mg

The CBDPure Hemp Oil 300 is priced at $54.99 per 60-mL bottle.

One bottle will give you about 10.9 mg per $1.


Again, half a dropper of the oil under the tongue for 60 seconds. Do this twice daily or more as needed.

I often prefer to consume it three to four times daily.

You can also start out with less than the recommended dosage if you are a beginner. You can then adjust the dosage accordingly, depending on your needs.

I always try not to eat 10 minutes before and after consuming CBDPure hemp oil. I’ve heard this will make you receive the full potency of CBD.

CBDPure Hemp Oil 600

How to Consume

You know the drill. Half of the oil in the dropper under the tongue for 60 seconds.


I have also tried CBDPure Hemp Oil 600 because this is the best for chronic pain. Each serving contains 20 mg of CBD.

I usually take this two to four times daily if the pain is terrible.

I have read some comments online that say they find this product too pricey. Let me just tell you that I got a high-quality product in exchange for the price.

I am still open to trying out other brands, so I cannot say with finality that this is the most potent CBD oil product. However, this is what works best for me if the pain is severe.

Price per mg

Of course, the largest bottle will give you the best deal.

One bottle of CBDPure Hemp Oil 600 is $79.99. This amounts to about 15 mg per $1.


You can take this twice daily, or whatever frequency is best for you. Just don’t overdo it because some side effects might manifest when you consume large amounts.

Reviews by CBDPure Users and Reddit:

Verdict: Will I buy CBD Pure’s CBD oil again?

CBDPure is undoubtedly not the most famous brand, but it sure is one of the best. It is reassuring that the company places significant emphasis on the quality of their products.

It is also admirable that they make an effort to maintain transparency in their products and processes.

In this day and age, there are already some CBD companies that manufacture substandard products but aren’t truthful about it.

Also, don’t forget that the company even threw in a 90-day money-back guarantee for all their products — all the more reason to recommend this product to others.

I am indeed fortunate that CBDPure does the job for me, but I know there are some out there who cannot say the same thing. What I do know is that for now, I am sticking with this one.

So, if you are like me who wants to find relief from chronic pain without the help of pharmaceutical drugs, I hope my CBDPure review will be of great help to you.





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