CBDistillery Review: My 1 Year Experience with this Brand [2018]

Looking for a review on CBDistillery to know if it’s the best CBD brand for you in the market?

CBDistillery review
See how much I love CBDistillery as a brand 🙂

In this review, I am going to go over everything that I look for before buying anything from any CBD company.

Consider this:

I will be doing the research on this brand, so you don’t have to…

…But first let’s start with the introduction, as you might not know me and you won’t believe if you don’t know me.

So here I go:

I have been experiencing shoulder pain from time to time because of a shoulder dislocation caused by an accident that I had when I was younger while playing baseball.

Due to the incident, I had developed social anxiety and was in depression for quite a few years. As, I was told that I can be selected for baseball super regionals, and after my injury, I was not allowed to play ever…

…And, I lost all my confidence.

with the years that passed by I developed social anxiety:

Even though I was determined to get rid of my social anxiety, things had not been easy because I could not help worrying when I was around people.

In fact, even receiving phone calls was difficult for me.

Therefore, I looked for several ways to mitigate the symptoms of my social anxiety. I searched the web and even asked my close friends for help.

Apart from trying out various methods, I even took medicines like sertraline or paroxetine. While these medicines had indeed helped me combat my social anxiety, their side effects were driving me nuts.

Further research on the web led me to learn about herbal alternatives like kratom, marijuana, and the like.

I hesitated at first, but I tried some of them because I was desperate to find a remedy for my anxiety.

Herbs like kratom and marijuana have worked for me…

However, I do not like to become dependent on them because of their high efficiency. This is where CBD oil comes in.

I tried CBDistillery:

The opinion of CBDistillery as a Brand:

One day, while I was browsing the web, I came across a forum designated for people with social anxiety.

In the comments section, I came across a person who recommended CBD oil from CBDistillery. A lot of people who replied to his comment agreed that oil from this company was effective indeed.

I read the word CBD frequently in that forum, but I was unaware of what it meant. Although I was familiar with marijuana, I was not aware of the terms like CBD, THC, CBG, and other cannabinoid terms. Silly me.

For this reason, I conducted my research, and I learned that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), although beneficial in some ways, is still a major mind-altering component of marijuana.

However, I found out that it is possible to eliminate this component from the other cannabinoid.

I also found out that cannabidiol (CBD) is another cannabinoid.

Unlike the THC, CBD is a non-psycho-active component and present in low levels in marijuana. I learned that it is helpful against Seizures, cancer, inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

So, I decided to give it a try by buying an isolate powder available on their online store.

I infused a bit of the powder to coconut oil, and I tried taking it once a day as a tincture. I did not like the taste at first because it was intense.

After a week of intake, I felt the effects. I wasn’t as antsy around people and had no trouble picking up calls. In fact, when an unknown number phoned, I did not think twice or feel hesitant when I took the call.

Moreover, I noticed the pain on my shoulder start to subside, which is something extra to my real purpose of buying the isolate.

I hated the taste and making the oil was difficult for me, to say the least…

Since then, I decided to try the other products they offered.

In my opinion, this company is one of a few companies that offer high-quality and concentrated CBD products. Almost everyone on the forum I visited when I first ventured into CBD research agrees that this company is a trusted source for CBD products.

Apart from their remarkable merchandise, the prices are very reasonable. Maybe the cheapest in the market.

Moreover, their #CBDMOVEMENT impressed me, which aims to provide CBD that’s hemp-derived to everyone as well as educate people about the benefits of this cannabinoid compound.

For me, their company is transparent and unbiased as they share detailed information about all things CBD through their hashtag #CBDMOVEMENT.

They also encourage everyone to do their research to learn more about CBD.

Apart from press releases about hemp oil, CBD, and the like, they also regularly publish updates on their current product offerings.

Furthermore, as someone who has been regularly purchasing from them, I’ve been forced by my conscience to post about them. That’s why i am writing this today.

Their Ingredients

The company claims that their products are of high-quality because they are natural.

Their products are high-quality industrial hemp, sourced from Colorado, which is free from pesticides and is not genetically modified.

The hemp is outdoor-grown, which means that it is exposed to the natural heat of the sun.

Moreover, they do not use artificial chemicals for their product’s improvement.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The main ingredient of their products is obviously the CBD. According to the result of one researcher(will update the link later), their products contain more CBD compared to the other brands.

There is approximately 1000 mg of CBD in just 15 ml of their tincture in addition to the other cannabinoids which are present to increase the therapeutic effects of their products.

The company admits that some of their products contain THC but only in 0.3 percent which is a minute quantity. Furthermore, all their CBD batches are tested at ProVerde Labs, a state-certified laboratory.

Each batch is tested to determine the number of cannabinoids, the presence of metals, solvents, and chemicals. Results of their test done on their product photos are posted on their official website.

Drug Test

The company claims that some of their products do not contain traceable THC although their topicals, tinctures, wax, and a full spectrum of soft gels and CBD oil have less than 0.3 percent of THC. According to their website, they do not make any claims that THC will not appear on a drug test.

The positive part of that 0.3 percent of THC is that this threshold is still legal and safe in 50 states because such amount is not intoxicating. Get their isolate oil if you are regularly checked for THC in your office.

Official Company Name

The complete and official company name is CBDistillery International, LLC.

If you buy a product from them through credit card, it will appear as “ELS Universal LLC.”

Shipping Policy

They usually ship within the day, but they promise that you can expect your product within 3 to 7 days.

They can ship only in the US, and there is no overnight shipping service available. Standard USPS shipping fee applies, which is $8.

However, if you order products are above $75, the shipping fee is free.

I got my products in 3 days.

Return Policy

Consumers can return the unopened product they bought within seven days.

If in case consumers end up not liking the product, they can ask for a replacement within 30 days.

However, you should contact their support if you experience some problems with the product you bought.

Coupon Code:

ALLCBD10 for 10% discount, ALLCBD5 for 5% discount.

Phone and Email

Phone number: sales@thecbdistillery.com

E-mail Address: 855–223–7766


Do you have more questions? Head on to the FAQs.

You can buy it here

Experience With CBDistillery’s Products

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

How to Consume

There is no strict rule about how you should take in this tincture although there are suggestions available.

You can add it to your drink or food, and you may also put a few drops in the underside of your tongue. Hold it for a few seconds before swallowing.


Strong tinctures are available in a 30ml bottle while the weaker ones are in the 15 ml bottle.

I tried the 5000mg which is the strongest one. It did not fail my expectation because it is exceptionally intense. This amount of CBD is worth the price because it can last for weeks or even months. It is effective and fast-acting.


The amount of CBD dosage you need depends on your body. Also, the effects can be different from one person to another. So start low and increase your intake with time.

However, the standard usage is about 20–100 mg per intake in a day. You can break this amount into two as well.

You can go above up to 100mg if you think you can handle the effect.

The formula goes as tincture dosage = ½ LB in mg.

However, if you are new to CBD, you should start with the smallest amount. That is 2–3 drops of 1000mg oil.

You can Buy this tincture here (Use ALLCBD10 for 10% Discount)

No Thc CBD oil Tincture

In the Testing phase. (will Update soon)

Vegan CBD Gummies

How to consume
Just pop a gummy whenever you feel anxious

I would be lying if I say I don’t enjoy these CBD gummies, I even give my daughter some gummies occasionally…

These gummies work well with my anxiety, I take some with me to my office and have it when I need to relax.

Other people smoke, I chew…

I have converted a lot of people in my office and want to convert you too. If you are a smoker, I would recommend you to try CBD gummies, I am sure it will help you unwind.

It won’t kill the craving but it will definitely decrease it.

Try CBD Gummies (Use coupon code: ALLCBD10 to get 10% Discount)

Full Spectrum CBD Infused Soft Gels

Full Spectrum Soft Gels

How to Consume

You take it just as you would with pills. Start with just one soft gel in a day to observe its effects.


I prefer the tincture and the isolate powder better, but it does not mean that these capsules are bad at all.

If you do not like the taste of the tincture, I think you should go for the capsules because the capsules do not taste like anything; although, it tasted like a plant when I burped.

Capsules are easiest to take and it’s almost effortless. but, bioavailability is lesser and the effects are seen after a while.

The effects are almost the same as the tinctures.

The capsules are available in 30 and 60 counts. and both are in 30 mg bottle.


Start with one pill per day or when you need it.

You can buy this here

Isolate Powder

Dab it away

How to Consume

It is the company’s most versatile product because you can vape it, use it for tincture, or dab it.


It is a powerful source of CBD. It is 99%+ pure CBD isolate powder. The extract is from the natural industrial hemp of mature stems and stalks of a hemp plant. It works rapidly whether you vape it or drop it under your tongue.

The most common way to use the isolate powder is to mix it with an MCT oil or coconut oil.

You can use this mixture as a backup tincture. I did not like its taste at first because it was too intense. Therefore, I advise that you should not take it before going somewhere especially if you are driving.


The dosage amount depends on how you are going to use it. You need to experiment on the right ratio to get the most out of its effect.

Get it here



How to Consume

You consume the terpsolates through dabbing.


What I love about this product is its unique method of application.


There is no recommended usage. You can use it according to your preference.

CBDol Topical Salve/Cream

CBDol (CBDistillery’s Cream for joints and pain)

How to Consume

Simply apply it to the body part where you feel pain or discomfort.


Since I love the tincture, I do not think that there is a need for me to use this product. However, I decided to use it anyway to see if it can get rid of my shoulder pain with the topical alone.

Also, it is a good emergency pain reliever in the house just in case somebody feels some pain or discomfort.

Price Per mg

The price is $50 for 500mg.


There is no recommended usage. Apply pea size to the area where you feel pain or discomfort.

Disposable Vape Pens

How to Consume

Just simply vape. However, you should still need to read the manual even though you are accustomed to using a vape.


I find the vape amusing and unique because it is CBD oil inside the vape pen. I use it from time to time to de-stress, and it does not fail me to make me feel calm. Like the tincture and the capsule, the vape is also a good pain reliever.

What I like about this vape is it also contains distilled MCT, and it does not contain harmful chemicals like PG, THC, and VG. Which I will discuss in later articles. why vaping can be dangerous too.

Furthermore, I can easily slip the pen into my bag and carry it everywhere I go. Also, other people might not find it annoying because it is smoke-free.

And, it also helps you to kick the butt and helps you against other addictions as well.


2 puffs are more than enough for me. You can puff puff pass if you want to 🙂

You can buy this here (use ALLCBD10 for 10% discount)

CBDefine Skin Care Cream

CBDefine (My wife’s Favorite)

How to Consume

My wife uses it as an addition to her everyday skincare routine.


I am not the one who used this cream. Instead, I bought it as a gift for my wife.

As expected, I knew that it offered something good. It made my wife’s skin radiantly soft and smooth. I will repurchase it when she runs out of it.

Price Per mg

The price is $50 for 500mg.


Pea size. Add it to your beauty dressing if you want 🙂

Buy it here

CBDistillery Reviews by Their Users and Reddit



As of the moment, I love CBDistillery products. I find the effects of their products effective and fast.

Moreover, their customer support is friendly and approachable. In fact, you can even contact them for a recommended dosage or product for you.

The shipping is fast, and the price is reasonable.

Therefore, I recommend this product to people who experience chronic pain and anxiety like me.







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