Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100 – That Fits Your Vaping Budget

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

It has been almost a decade since the vaporizers were introduced, and what started as a device for a smoker who are planning to quit, it has now created their own subculture. With the popularity of e-liquid device, that has the bigger share of the market; herb vaporizers adapted the same norm of heating the herbs instead of burning.

With so many vaporizers in the market today, it is difficult to have an understanding of the pros and cons for every one of them. To help you in evaluating the candidates for your next purchase, we have listed down the qualities to look for in a vaporizer.

Budget – First, you have to set a limit on how much you can spend. If you are new to vaping, try buying a low-cost vaporizer first and see if you are in favor of using it before buying a top of the line model.

Portability – If you are planning to take you vaporizer in public, contemplate the amount of discretion, weight and size of the device. Vape pens were designed for this purpose, as they are lightweight and small to fit in your pocket.

Vapor Production – Not all vaporizers are made the same. Check out the reviews of each of them to know the size of vapor they produce.

Battery Life – If you are planning to take the vape with you, you will need a device with longer battery life. You can read their reviews to know which one has the longest battery life and charge faster than the rest.

Temperature Control – Vaping experience is enhanced when you can adjust the temperature settings to get the right temperature for different heating materials. This feature is more common with the high-end type.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100

You do not have to blow a lot of money to buy an herb vaporizer that can work well and can be easy to use. Here are the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100.

1. Black Widow Herb & Wax Vaporizer

Black Widow Vaporizer

This vaporizer is from the Chinese manufacturer, Kingtons, which was launched to rival the premium vape pens, G-Pen and Atmos. This already has one advantage over them, as this device is very affordable.

Black Widow has features that you can find inexpensive vaporizers like the one-button operation for easy use. It has an ergonomic design and builds that makes it easy to put in and out of your pocket. It also does not slip while you are vaping. The rounded bottom and corners provide a pleasant feel. This feature is made possible by the high-grade aluminum alloy from which the machine was made.

Other herb vaporizers have a plastic mouthpiece, Black Widow’s mouthpiece is crafted from high-grade metal and a rubber seal. It also has a magnetic locking mechanism. The benefit of having a rubber seal is to ensure that vapor will not leak while the locking feature is to keep the mouthpiece in place.

It has a deep and slim chamber fashioned from ceramics that can accommodate about half a gram of herbs and a chamber for wax concentrates. This gives the vaporizer a finely crafted heating chamber at a reasonable price.

When it comes to performance, Black Widow has a good vapor quality similar to the top vaporizers using the ceramic heating chamber. The decent vapor is achieved by heating the device within the range of 356 F to 428 F.


  • The ceramic heating chamber gives good vapor quality.
  • The finely crafted mouthpiece has no vapor leakage.
  • Buttons provide ease of use.
  • The adjustable temperature provides different vapor quality.


  • No screen to know the temperature
  • The device is heavier than other portable vaporizers.

2. G Pen Pro Vape Pen

G Pen Pro Vape Pen

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The G Pen Pro is recognized as the abridged version of the G Pen Elite and a lot cheaper than the latter. Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $100, this vaporizer has a smaller chamber than the others around the price do. It is small and portable with a battery that can last a day for not heavy users.

This vaporizer is for dry herb use only and as mentioned, the design is modest. It is black in color with only one button to operate with an airflow vent located on the side of the device. The four LED lights indicate the temperature. This is also your indicator whether the device is ready for use or not. It is durable due to the simplified design of few moving parts.

In terms of performance, there is no difference between the vapor qualities of other models under the same brand. It produces and regular vapor quality. If you compare the vapor production and its quality with the other vape pens in the same price range, G Pen Pro is not outstanding. This is also poor draw resistance from this device probably because of the design. It has an airflow channel just under the mouthpiece.

Discreetness is one of the qualities to look for in an herb vaporizer and the color of this device fits the criteria perfectly. It also does not look like a regular vape pen. You can set it the lowest setting and make a quick draw.


  • It is compact; you can slip them in and out of your pocket.
  • It has a simple user interface.
  • With LED lights indicator for temperature setting.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The vapor does not cool down fast.
  • With small oven and can accommodate few herbs only.

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3. Flowermate V5.OS Mini

Flowermate V5.OS Mini

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The Flowermate V5.OS Mini is the highly recommended vaporizer for someone who is looking for a something that is affordable, very easy to use, well crafted, and convenient and at a great price. Its best feature is the simple design. This vaporizer has a handy single button that controls the temperature and the power. You just need to load the chamber and turn it on to use. It also heats up quickly at around 30 seconds.

Its materials are composed of a ceramic heating chamber, the stem is Pyrex glass and the shell is from anodized aluminum that is available in six stylish colors.

When we talk about performance, this device uses conduction heat in vaporizing the fragrant herbs. With the ceramic glass chamber, it ensures that the material is consistently vaporized without stirring. It also does not overcook the herbs as many conduction vaporizers do.
This vaporization results in a smooth vapor. With the short air pathway that comprised the portable glass stem, it still guarantees a cool vapor when it reaches your mouth. This also retains the flavor of the vapor, giving only strong flavor. There are three best temperature settings available, which are preprogrammed for you not to worry about overheating your herbs.

Flowermate is also discreet as it looks like a power bank and can easily slip into your pocket. The beauty of its design is the sliding compartment that house the heating chamber and the mouthpiece. It also has a remarkable battery life with about two and a half hours of use. Certainly the best there is. You can power it up anywhere with the USB charging capability.


  • With exact temperature settings.
  • Easy to use with a single button for temperature and power control.
  • Well made from the best materials
  • Impressive battery life


  • Non-detachable vapor glass pathway.
  • Hard to maintain cleanliness.

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4. Dr. Dabber Ghost Wax Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Ghost Wax Vaporizer

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This is reputed as the best in the industry and that is easy to understand. The packaging and branding creates a unique first impression. What makes it stand out is its design. It uses a titanium coil of superior quality that is capable of heating wax in lower temperatures compared to other wax pens. This gives the device efficiency.

Its heating chamber is made from ceramic, which is also designed uniquely as the heating coil is placed lower in the chamber for more concentrate to fit into it and smooth heat distribution that adds to their productivity. When the heating chamber is crafted from ceramic, it gives full flavor free from toxins from either plastic or metal.

This very portable device is easy to put in your pocket or purse. The user can take pride in its distinct look and the overall finish of the Ghost. The exterior design is comprised of the logo at the bottom of the device, a textured surface of the body and the luxe quality of the device. Here is a vaporizer that pays attention to every detail; it can be mistaken for an expensive product.

The Ghost provides ease of use, with a single touch of the button. You do not have to set the temperature; there is also no waiting time. With this device, vaping is simplified. The vapor quality has a clean taste and it can produce the desired amount of vapor. This is due to the design of the coil and it titanium component. It keeps the vapor tasty and smooth.


  • It is portable and lightweight.
  • Elegantly designed.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The unique heating system produces top-notch vapor


  • Plastic mouthpiece affects the taste.
  • No temperature settings are available.


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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $50

Most of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Under $50 are ideal for those vapers who are on a budget and prefer to vape on the go.

1. Light Vaporizer Pen Kit

Light Vaporizer Pen Kit

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Dubbed as the Light, this vaporizer pen is very rudimentary. It has three sections, the battery, the mouthpiece and the atomizer that heats up the device. It also operates on a single button that controls the temperature and the power. It is designed with the mouthpiece and the atomizer both attach into place. It does not have the flexibility that is what most vaporizer users are looking for. However, for a device at a lower price, you cannot expect to have a wider set of features.

As what I had mentioned earlier, this device has not temperature settings and you cannot alter the wattage and the voltage either. If this is what you want, you can look for other devices that give such at a price.

However, this temperature flexibility did not hamper this vaporizer in producing a good vapor quality. It can even outperform the vaporizers on higher price range. It also locks-in the flavor, which makes it more impressive. It has no burn taste like other cheap pens. After all that you are looking for in an herb vaporizer is the vapor taste and quality.

When we talk about design, this vaporizer may not be fancy, but it is very light. It also remains elegant in spite of the price point; it does not look low priced. It also has a relatively long battery life that can last up to two days for a regular user and one day for a heavy user. It is also very discreet, as people will not even know that you have it.


  • Ideal for first-time users as it is easy to use.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Simple design, lighter too.
  • Good vapor quality


  • The button protrudes a little.
  • No temperature control is not flexible.

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2. Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump

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The Atmos Jump has been around since 2015 and continued to be available in the market due to many reasons. One of them is the design. It has a carbon-fiber outer cover, which is a step ahead of the usual plastic in this price range. However, this did not make any difference because, in the looks department, this one comes cheap.

In terms of its overall look, the device offers the portability that it is required from vape pens. It is very small and can appear inconspicuous. The clouds are also minimal and you keep a low profile while in public. This simple design also provides the vaper ease of use. After loading the chamber, you can fire up the device using five clicks and wait for around 60 seconds to start building vapors.

The idea of using carbon fiber as its housing is to prevent potential burns on your hand as carbon is more secure than steel. The heat chamber is made of anodized steel that heats up quicker. Another exciting feature is the battery indicator, which signals the user when the battery charge is low.

Vapor quality is relatively good, and the ceramic filter present in the mouthpiece helps in keep the vapor taste pure. The only drawback from this device is the limitations on the flavor. The quality of the flavor is also weak. You can achieve this vapor by turning on the device, as there is no separate button for temperature setting. There is only one of them in the Atmos Jump.


  • It is lightweight and offers portability that you need.
  • It offers ease of use with the single button available.
  • It is ergonomically designed, fits the pocket well.
  • It is discreet and easy to hide.


  • Battery chamber can get warm.
  • The mouthpiece is made from plastic.

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When you are looking for a vaporizer within your budget, you should not sacrifice the features like the heating system. Your vapor quality is dependent on the temperature of the heating system to vaporize the herb. Remember to choose a vaporizer with temperature settings to get the best vapor.

The quality of an herb vaporizer does not necessarily equate to the price. There are portable vaporizers that offer good quality vapor. The secret lies in the heating chamber as they can either give a full-bodied or flat vapor. You must look for temperature adjustability, and some have auto shutoff features.

Most of the affordable herb vaporizers are in pen-style design for they offer a stealth option in the most compact form. If you also want to express yourself, there is an option for colors of the body like in Flowermate Mini.

With the information and the guide above, choosing the right vaporizer for your budget is not so daunting after all.

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