Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Weed In 2019


Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Weed

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Weed

Unlike tobacco smokers who have the freedom to choose the most sophisticated e-cigarettes, cannabis smokers have to switch to vaporizers to use marijuana discretely. Vaping has increased its popularity all over the world through the years. It is probably due to recent studies that came out which weighs in on the benefits of vaping as having lesser health-risks than smoking.

During its introduction to the market, vaporizing was an alternative for cigarettes; however, it also became a popular option for the dry smoking herb. Why? Because it offers clean and efficient effects without the trouble, that combustion gives.

When we say vaporizing, it is a process of warming dried cannabis to below 392 F, which is its combustion temperature. Proper use of cannabis has many health benefits and heating them can enhance their potential.

First, vaping can help you avoid the harmful by-products of smoking like carcinogens and tar. It can also release the cannabinoids from the herb when they are heated to the desired temperature, strengthening its efficacy without burning the dried herb.

There are different types of vaporizer available on the market today. They are classified according to their make. We have pen vaporizers, stationary vaporizers, and portable vaporizers. All of them have a delivery system and a heating source.


1. DaVinci IQ

Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

According to reviews, DaVinci IQ is probably the best dry herb vaporizers to date, and they are quite right. It has the advantage over the others based on its design, durability and ease of use. This vaporizer is highly recommended for beginners because it is very easy to use.

With the simple design, DaVinci IQ packs a punch on its make and the engineering. The exterior body is made of brushed aluminum, the chamber is ceramic and the zirconia-heating component are its stand out feature. With this make, you can expect superior quality and the vapor clouds are more visible as compared to others.

With zirconia, forming the part of the heating source, the vaporizer can maintain its temperature. This is because zirconia has an excellent thermal conduction characteristic, like how it functions in a thermos; it keeps hot things hot and cool things cool. In DaVinci IQ, the Zirconia pearl makes up the heating chamber to maintain a consistent heat distribution. This is an important factor in producing the visible vapor clouds.

The heating chamber is also made of Zirconia, which strengthens the flavor as it comes out of the air path. As you pack the fresh herb in the flavor chamber, the vapor passes through these fresh herbs and this will give the fresh herb flavor straight to your lips.

Bottom Line

This vaporizer clearly is the winner, judging from all the criteria that we have. It gives high vapor quality; it is very efficient and can give full rich flavor. The design is sleek and portable and the interface is very simple for first-time users. Experienced vapers will like its power and efficiency. This vaporizer is highly recommended.


2. PAX 3

Pax 3 Vaporizer ReviewIf there is a criterion for the smartest vaporizer in the market, then Pax 3 is a sure winner. The following are the highlights of its features. It is a dual function, compatible with both dry herb and concentrate. It has the high-tech haptic feedback; the vaporizer vibrates when it is ready for use. It also has lip sensing technology and a half-oven chamber that lets you vape with less herb. Moreover, it also heats up in fifteen seconds.

This vaporizer is also a smart vaporizer; you can connect it to your smartphone. You can customize the vape to give an updated temperature display and other dynamic modes you can choose from like the boost mode, flavor mode, stealth mode and efficiency mode.

In terms of design, this is very sleek and portable; it can fit in your pocket. It’s instinctive and straightforward interface matches the minimalist concept of the vaporizer. It is made of anodized aluminum with the magnetic seal on the mouthpieces and the lid. This closure is secure and body is durable with a sophisticated look in luxe finish.

Pax 3 does not only excel in the looks department; it also gives an excellent flavor smoothly and satisfyingly. However, the flavor can vary depending on the flavor mode setting, but this does not alter the quality of the vapor. You can get this full flavor in short draws as this vaporizer has low draw resistance.

Bottom Line

With the minimalist design and easy to use interface, Pax 3 is suitable for novice vaper and veterans too. It can give the user an unbeatable vaping experience with its features like haptic feedback, the lip sensing technology and the smart application compatible with the smartphone. Clearly, this machine is the smartest vaporizer there is.


3. Firefly 2

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

This is a quick heater (pun intended) vaporizer because it can deliver small doses of cannabis with its small chamber faster than any other vaporizer. Aside from the rapid heating capability, it can also save you from wasting your buds as it accommodates small quantities.
The Firefly 2 can heat up the material efficiently and quickly that it can reach the desired temperature of 400 F in a matter of seconds. It also has a smartphone app that lets you control the machine with a touch of your finger on your phone.

It has a new sleek design with a magnetic lid that snaps on and off easily. An additional feature is a small window in the body that makes the chamber and the contents visible. This will make you see when to reload the chamber. The overall look of this machine is cutting-edge, from the touch-sensitive buttons that rely on the heat emitted by the fingertips, to the cool chamber windows.

In terms of performance, this vaporizer heats up while drawing, so there is not a single minute wasted for you waiting for the machine to heat up. The glass vapor path is made from Borosilicate enables the vaper to maximize the flavor and aroma from the dry herbs. The same can be said for the vapor quality as the glass path keeps the vapor its quality while keeping it clean and fragrant.

Bottom Line

Firefly 2 is the best herb vaporizer to have if you are serious about vaping because this can last long. It also has a sleek and ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand, lighter, longer battery life, efficient and heats up faster than any other vaporizer available. The glass pathway gives consistent vapor and full flavor and aroma.


4. The G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

This is the most fashionable herb vaporizer in the market today. It has an elite on its name for a good reason. This vaporizer has a very distinct packaging, and it is well designed and very compact. It has a very luxurious look because the curves of the device fit snugly in your hand.

The temperature and the battery information is visible on the LCD screen located on the side of the machine. Its chamber is made from ceramic that enables the device to reach and maintain a maximum temperature of 357 F. heating time is around 30 seconds and the temperature is between the ranges of 200 F – 428 F.

When we talk about vapor quality, the Elite can produce smooth vapor and flavorful aroma. You can experience this by maintaining the temperature of the device to 375 F and taking the vapor through long draws.

In spite of its design flaw where the chamber is right beneath the mouthpiece, you need not worry about the vapor temperature as the device can produce vapor in the right temperature. It also perfectly balances the flavor and the temperature as much as the other vaporizers around.

Bottom Line

For a price that is significantly lower than its competitor but with the same performance, the G Pen Elite is a good choice. It is very sleek, looks modern with the very easy user interface. , and the temperature of the vapor comes out well balanced.


5. Crafty & Mighty

Crafty & Mighty Vaporizer Review

This vaporizer has the reputation of giving the biggest clouds and the best flavor in the herb vaporizer universe. This duo is capable of dual usage. The Crafty has improved battery life and more portable than the Mighty, which takes pride in its extended battery life.

Both vaporizers can accommodate dry herbs and concentrates. The design is quite similar for both as they have a filling aid or a loading tool that make the process of putting the herbs into the chamber simple. They both have the hybrid heating system to facilitate faster and consistent heating. The mouthpiece on these devices are removable and can be further broken down into pieces for better cleaning. The ribbed design of their bodies allows comfortable grip and aids in cooling the device.

The difference is on the enhancements. For the Crafty, it has better granular control with its compatibility to the smartphone and smart watch app while the Mighty don’t have but you can also get the same temperature range. They also differ in their dimensions, and it dictates that Crafty is more portable than the Mighty.

If there is one thing that both these device are proud of it is their vapor and flavor quality. They both produce dense clouds with cool and pure vapor from low draw resistance.

Bottom Line

If you are a serious vaper who wants to have a good home vaporizer, mighty is highly recommended. If you want a portable vaporizer, then get the Crafty. Both of them has the best vapor quality and very easy to use.


6. Atmos VICOD 5G

Atmos VICOD 5G Vaporizer Review

For beginners, we recommend this simple herb vaporizer Atmos VICOD 5G. It is easy to use, without complications of smartphone apps or any customization. Its key features include the rubber grip on its body, a mouthpiece that cleans easily, a longer battery life and a manual temperature adjustment.

It is designed to look inconspicuous, as it is portable, lightweight and unassuming. The compact design is supported by a perfect fit with dual air vents on its side with a stainless steel mouthpiece. It has a rugged look that is more compatible with someone who loves the outdoors.

What it lacks in aesthetic is compensated with the vapor quality. However, you must be careful with the temperature settings as anything past the 400 will result in a poor vapor quality. The temperature setting is also favorable for those who are meticulous with their device. Another drawback is the mouthpiece, as it tends to be hot.

There might be some condensation build up on the mouthpiece but this can be cleaned with a cloth. Charging is also easy and the average battery lifespan is to about 90 minutes. It tends to decrease faster if the temperature is kept at 400 degrees.

Bottom Line

This device is highly recommended for beginners. It can give you the same satisfaction, as high-end vaporizers do like minimal draw resistance and smooth vapor. It will also allow getting the precise temperature and the device is easy to use.


7. Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

While the rest of the vaporizers tried to outdo each other with innovations after innovations, Atmos Jump did the opposite, stayed with its design, and remained uncomplicated. This device has no temperature control option with only one default setting. It is a dry herb vaporizer and is powered by a lithium battery.

The design is simple and follows the vape pen form that houses the batteries and the oven chamber plus the mouthpiece. The locking mechanism on the mouthpiece makes it easy to lock and unlock it. Its interface is also simple as there is only one activation button. Once activated, it immediately heats up. The LED display will tell you when it is ready.

The vapor quality is smooth and crisp and more than any other vape pens can. If you think the lack of temperature control is a disadvantage, it isn’t. The size of the chamber is also efficient and enough for single vaping. Sometimes, big ovens can actually become problems as it consumes many herbs. The by-product is also consistent in color, which means that all the active ingredients were extracted.

Bottom Line

The Atmos Jump may not be as sophisticated as the rest, but among its peers in the price range, this one stands out. It is efficient, very convenient and easy to use. It is a convenience factor and the vapor quality that makes this device stand out.


Choosing the best dry herb vaporizer is not easy because there is a lot to consider in choosing the best one. However, navigating through the options and making a decision will be easier if you know the features to look for. There are issues of temperature ranges available in a device and their effects on the vapor quality.

You also must know how big the chamber is and what do you require. Another point to consider is the user interface, whether it is easy to use or not. The efficiency of the machine should also be considered, as you don’t want to waste your herb. You also need to look into the design; it should be portable to bring with you and comfortable enough to hold. The battery life is also important; take the pros and cons of external and internal batteries.

These reviews have given you the information you need for each of the recommendations. Our best advice is for you go over them carefully before making the purchase decision. You have to compare their features and compare them with what you need. There is no need to make hasty decisions. Buy only when you have made up your mind on the right herb vaporizer.

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