Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed: To Keep Your Herbs

Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed

While many states in the US are beginning to legalize the smoking of weed in the last months, there still a portion of our society that frowns upon those who consume weed, even with a medical prescription. In this situation, some folks have to find a solution to conceal their use.

One solution is to put the weed in a specialized container for storage. These storage containers do not only conceal the smell of weed, but it can also preserve the freshness of the herbs for months. They are also convenient to carry when traveling.

Here are the features you need to look for when selecting the best smell proof containers for weed.


If you are looking for an excellent smell proof container for your weed, you need to look for something that works well. This has to works really well because that is the reason you want a smell proof container in the first place.


For some a mason jar or a case is enough but others would want something they could carry around easily.


Along with portability, the next to consider is the size. Make sure you know the capacity of the container you are aiming for.


The container has to weather frequents drops and bumps it must be strong.

UV Rays

This is an important feature to look for. It should insulate the herbs from the harmful UV rays as it can degrade the weed.

Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed To Choose From

While many users are aiming for being discreet and subtlety, others have their mind on preservation. We have the picks for Best smell proof containers. Choose the one that works for you.

1. Tightvac

Best Smell Proof Containers For Weed

The Tightvac Vacuum Sealed Container comes in different sizes and colors. You will be amazed by its simple and unique design. The average 6-ounce container can hold about 14 grams of weed. It employs the patented open and closed system that keeps the herbs fresh for a more extended period. This is because the container is airtightly sealed making it odorless and water resistant. Your herbs are in the best place.

The vacuum seal is created when you place the cap in the container. As the cap is pushed down, it sucks the air out creating the vacuum. This super cool feature is what also keeps the herbs from drying while keeping the flavors intact.

With its modern design, the Tightvac is a bestseller among the herb container. It is strong, durable and easy to use. To open the lid you have to push the button and the same is true when closing the container. It also has an approval from the FDA as an airtight, recyclable and moisture-free container. Its patented system is able to preserve the herb for one year while keeping it odor-free and fresh. For a reasonably priced container, this is the one to offer durability.

  • It offers portability.
  • Lightweight and can easily fit in the bag.
  • Odor free and can be cleaned easily.
  • The patented system keeps the herb fresh.
  • It does not provide aesthetics.
  • Not dishwasher safe.


2. Bamboo Stash Jar


Best Smell Proof Containers

A stash jar made from all natural materials definitely sends out a message to anyone who can see them. It means that we are concerned about the environment instead of contributing to the pollutants and choose a material like plastic, bamboo is an excellent choice.

This container is about letting the user experience the enjoyment of using herbs in addition to helping the environment. It is designed to be smell proof and odorless with a double layer body and extra lid inside. This means that when the lid is closed, it creates an airtight and waterproof seal. This will keep the herbs fresh for a long time.

This stash jar is made from all bamboo materials with logo. Adding authenticity is the real bamboo texture of its body and lid. This material also contributes to its weight. It is lightweight, shatterproof and durable. It can hold about 15 grams of herb, which is about a half ounce when uncrushed, and around 25 grams of grounded herb. This is perfect herb storage for those medium to heavy users. It is very compact is about the size of your palm.

  • Made from 100% natural material.
  • Can hold about half an ounce of weed.
  • It has a smell proof design with the double lid.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • With slight bamboo smell.
  • Not very durable.


3. Loud Dank Tank


Best Smell Proof Containers

This container is the considered as one of the best smell proof containers on the market today. It has a double-layered safeguard with the two lids. The container definitely blocks UV and can keep the herbs from wasting its flavor and aroma.

The airtight seal it produces provides assurance that no smell will be coming out of it. If the weed has distinct smell it will just be trapped inside the container walls. It is made from high-grade plastic that is durable and built to endure the drops from the user. The quality will remain even if you use it repeatedly.

The solid black color not only protects the herbs from the harmful UV but also provides a discreet hiding place for your weed. The solid design provides the proper storage for your weed. It will not let any odor escape from within its interior. The container can hold a maximum of 20 grams of weed, which is enough to carry your consumption with you.

This scent-proof Dank Tank features a subtle and sleek design the looks excellent and inconspicuous while keeping your herbs safe from prying eyes and nosy noses.

  • It is the perfect size to carry while traveling and on the go.
  • The sleek black color protects the herbs from UV rays.
  • Double layer protection to trap the smell inside.
  • Two lids create an airtight seal.
  • Can hold only 20 grams of stash.
  • Made from plastic.


4. Dope Turtle Fourth Shell

Best Smell Proof Containers

This little container is produced in Denver, Colorado and is popular with Chefs and home cooks for their spices and ingredients. This is a durable container and can store a maximum of 100 grams of any dry food and of course, dry herb. It uses Dutch glass on the inside, which means that quality for this brand is a priority.

It is ultraviolet resistant with the violet seal underneath the lid, it allows you to store your pungent herb without worry about UV rays penetrating your storage, and damaging the flavors of the herb. The specially designed lid combined with the gel seal provides an airtight seal the will not let any smell escape the jar. This is also BPA free; you will not have any flavor contamination inside which happens with low-grade plastic.

If you are looking for a great, subtle and unassuming style that is combined with functionality, then this smell proof jar is an excellent choice. It is also discreet and very handy you can take them along with you.

  • It is of excellent quality and made with glass.
  • The plastic screw-on lid has gel seal for airtight storage.
  • It cannot be penetrated by light rays.
  • Just the right size to keep your weed.
  • Breakable, you have to be careful not to drop it.
  • A little small for heavy or group usage.


5. Herb Lab Smell Proof Container


Best Smell Proof Containers

This is a perfect alternative if you are looking for a container to cover your amount of stash. This container is made with a reinforced glass that does not shatter. It is also opaque so the light will not pass through you herb to destroy its aroma and flavor. The combination of BPA free glass and the medical grade lid produce an airtight container that will keep the herbs fresh all the time.

It is also easy to use with the screw on lid that is easy to remove and return and guaranteed to maintain the integrity of the seal even with frequent usage. It is also a 2-in-1 jar in one package. It comes with a smaller bonus container made from silicone to accommodate your smaller stash. In addition, it has a chalkboard labeling to keep you organized.

This smell proof container is stylish and very efficient. Your smaller container is small enough to fit in your pocket; you can take it along if you are on the go. Another great feature is that both containers can maintain the temperature inside even in hot or cold temperature.

  • The combination of glass and food grade lid maintains the flavor of the herb.
  • Airtight to keep the smell inside the container.
  • The container is shatterproof.
  • It is durable with the double reinforced glass.
  • The container may crack when putting the lid.
  • A little smaller than expected.


6. Herb Preserve World’s Best Stash Jar

Best Smell Proof Containers

For starters, this container is made from laboratory tested and lab-approved glass that preserves and revitalize the freshness of herbs for six months. This specially made glass can prevent the harmful rays of the visible light while allowing only the valuable light rays to penetrate. This is unique only to this stash jar and cannot be found elsewhere.

Another feature is the airtight seal that provides ultimate protection to the herbs by blocking an exchange of undesirable air. This also seals in the flavor and the smell inside the container along with the help of the heavy-duty glass.

It is also masterfully designed to be used for both herb and spices with an art rendition on the outside of the jar. It is quite big and can hold up to two ounces of herb. You are guaranteed to enjoy the sweet smell of the herb up to six months. Some people use them to preserve their precious herb without chemical and are quite happy with the results.

  • Unique ultraviolet glass keeps the harmful rays out while letting the good rays in.
  • Airtight seal prevents the unwanted exchange of air.
  • The durable glass and lid licks in the aroma.
  • It has convenient sizes to cater to your needs.
  • The lids can break faster than the glass.
  • Apothecary jar lids are better to replace the screw on lid.


7. Kush Kaddie


Best Smell Proof Containers

This container is made mostly from plastic, which is not at all bad. It affects the overall look of the container, but on the other hand, it makes the container lightweight. It is also lined with foam to protect the contents from sudden bumps or drops. It has a button to open the seal to close and open the container when in use.

The strength of Kush Kaddie is in being inconspicuous for its simple design and plain black exterior. The container is airtight so that means no smell can get out. Even if you are in a room full of people, nobody will notice that you are carrying around weed. What they will see is only a black container. It is very unassuming.

The container has the capacity to hold even a pipe and a right amount of herb. You can travel with all your essentials in one container that is handy and compact. In summary, this product might appear to be all flair and no use, but that is the exact opposite. It functions well and offers the right amount of discretion while keeping the herbs fresh.

  • Lightweight and compact, you can take them anywhere.
  • Lined with plastic foam to protect the contents.
  • Keeping the freshness of the herb is airtight.
  • Tightly sealed no smell can come out.
  • Made from plastic that is not durable.
  • You cannot get out the herb directly into the container.


8. Space Case Cylinder Storage Case


Best Smell Proof Containers

This container is designed as an all-purpose container, so putting an herb like weed will not earn suspicion. It is like hiding something in plain sight. The cylinder shape can fit anywhere and will not take up much space. It is made from high quality, machined aircraft aluminum. The lid provides an airtight closure, and the entire container is manufacture through CNC machining.

It comes in three sizes, each offering enough space for the quantities of herb you want to put. The interior has a diameter of 1.25 inches. The airtight seal guarantees that the smell will be contained inside while it retains the flavor of the herb. This quality container can guarantee the freshness of your weed all the time.

It also comes in both pocket and purse sizes, to carry around with you along with your accessories. In terms of durability, there is no doubt that this container can withstand occasional fall and bumps.

  • It is durable as it is made from the top of the line aluminum
  • The airtight seal maintains the freshness of the weed.
  • You can choose the sizes to fit you.
  • It is lightweight and can fit anywhere.
  • As it is made from high-grade materials, it is expensive
  • Will have dents on its body due to bumps.


Best Smell Proof Bags

If you don’t want the jars and cylinders, then smell proof bags is a perfect option. It can also be discreet and will not be suspicious in areas where weed is illegal.

9. Smelly Proof Bags


Best Smell Proof Containers

The bags are designed to keep the odors away and not to let the smell come out of the bag. This bag is made from medical grade nylon reinforced plastic. This means that it is better than the storage food items as it exceeds the standards of USDA.

The seal is finished with double track zipper. This guarantees a tight seal to keep the fresh herbs while in the store. The bag is also strong and is resistant to not only moisture but from liquid and puncture. Since the material used for this bag is tougher than any other material, you can reuse them. It is easy to clean with hand washing.

The only downside in using this bag for herb is you have to cover them because it will be seen due to the transparency of the bag. The small bag can hold about 7 grams. If you are planning to go somewhere and take them with you, then this size will suffice. You can buy the Smelly Proof bags in packs of 10’s and 5’.

  • The bags are durable as it made from reinforced nylon and plastic.
  • The double lock system assures no smell will come out of the bag.
  • It is resistant to moisture to keep your herbs fresh.
  • Can come in a variety of sizes.
  • You need to conceal the weed, as it is clear plastic.
  • It does not offer discretion.


10. Skunk Mr. Slick 6” Smell Proof Bag


Best Smell Proof Containers

This smell proof bag’s design is very simple with an enclosure made with double Velcro. Once the bag is closed, the bag traps the odor by activating the carbon technology inside the bag. The odor is also neutralized through the activated carbon particles inside the bag. With action this powerful, even the dogs will not be able to detect the smell.

The material that made up the bag is flexible and soft rubber backed nylon fabric. You are assured that it will not break while carrying it around. The exterior is also reinforced with an anti-tear filter net. You can also roll it up to fit perfectly inside the suitcase when you are traveling. This bag comes in a limited color collection to adapt to your style.

To make sure that you weed is secure while inside this bag, it is sealed with a double Velcro. This strong material is twice as safe, and no slight odor will come out. The outside material is also very easy to clean, you wipe it off.

  • The bag has carbon lining to ensure 100 % odor free.
  • It is made from the soft and flexible material.
  • The flap can be locked with a double Velcro.
  • The outside material is easy to clean.
  • The Velcro can grab the attention of onlookers.
  • The Velcro can attract loose buds.



With the weed still illegal in some parts of the country, the best solution to avoid the scent from spreading is to place them in dependable smell proof containers. These containers may come in different shapes and sizes. The best thing to do is to compare their features and choose the best that will match your requirements.

To get the best smell proof containers for herbs make sure that your choice is of high quality and is durable. It should also be airtight, as you need to contain its smell inside the container while preserving the quality of the herbs and keeping them safe. Each container has their solution to make them odor-free

For areas where using weed is still not legal, that container should not draw attention. Some containers are stylish and designed beautifully. Make sure that your choice is not only pretty but performs the job well. Review: All You Will Have To Know Review

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The Beginning

Free Marijuana Grow BibleThe first time we were able to see the ILGM appear is with the The website was founded by Robert Bergman. You may have heard of this man, who has been growing cannabis for more than 20 years in Amsterdam. His main purpose was to provide a simple and affordable way to get cannabis seeds, literally making this ‘’activity’’ far more affordable.

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  • Anonymous shipping to all parts of the world. Yes, the shipping is stealth as well, meaning that there won’t be any issues with the customs or etc. between Amsterdam and any other part of the world.

What’s Not To Like:

  • Seeds are not made, nor delivered by any brand. In other words, the seeds come from ILGM from Amsterdam, but they don’t have anything to relate to popular brands. This may be an issue for some of you!
  • Their customer support is slow. Of course, the chances are low that you will have a need to contact their customer support, but in any case, we must mention this issue. Some users reported to us that their customer support is very slow. This can be explained as the overload of the orders and a team which counts just a few people.

All you have to know is that ILoveGrowingMarijuana Review is more than just positive. There are no major issues with the service or the quality and the seeds are just perfect. If you are looking or a way to save money and still grow cannabis, these guys are definitely worthy of using.


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